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Lanikai Pillbox

So sorry for disappearing to say life has been busy is an understatement.  Since my last post I have travelled to Hawaii twice (going to 3 islands), LA, planned my wedding, got married, went on my honeymoon, not to mention being super busy with Candle Moods now that the holiday season is approaching.  Nonetheless I have a ton of pictures capturing everything. 

These shots are from my new favorite place in Oahu- The Lanikai Pillbox.  The hike features 2 WWII bunkers.  Not only is it a great hike with stunning views but it was also nice to see a piece of history. 


Dress: Soprano   Shoes: Max Studio    Sunglasses: Gucci    Jewelry: Express, Forever21, Random

Seafair was this past weekend in Seattle, which is the annual air and water show here.  It's always fun to see all these tricks performed by these skilled pilots.  We had an amazing view from our home to see the show and the 2 days of them practicing.  It was funny to watch my pup react to the loud engine noises, he always keeps me entertained.  We have been lucky to have some great weather lately and warmer than normal temps, so a simple summer dress kept me cool. 

Washington DC

1. White House
2. Washington Monument
3. Monument
4. Dupont Circle
5. Drunken Noodles from Regent Thai Cuisine 
6. Infamous Ben's Chili Bowl 
7. Chili Fries  from Ben's
8. Half Smokes from Ben's
9. Illy Latte- One of the best lattes I have ever had
10. My adorable cousin- check out his custom made chairs!

It was nice to get away to Washington DC for a long weekend.  While the trip was filled with mostly family events it was great to get around town a bit and of course eat at some of the fabulous places in DC.  I always have a great time in DC it's such a great city with so much to do and see.

Sunset Cruise

While I have been on a number of sunset cruises this one was very memorable with all the rock formations in the ocean.  They were definitely a sight to see up close.

Eat Me

One of the best things about Ixtapa was the food! Seriously everything was soooo good. I would literally go to bed planning what I would eat the next day.  Here were some of my favorite meals.