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Play Ball

Entrance of the stadium  

Blue Angel Pilots

Home town hero Ichiro.  It was cute seeing all the fan signs in Japanese cheering him on.

I never go to any sporting event without getting cotton candy.  Ever!

This adorable girl made it impossible to get one of the players to throw you the ball at the end of each inning. Check out her pink, purple and blue mitt!

                   While I had a good time, I will always be a Chicago girl at heart. 

A few weeks back I went to my first Seattle Mariners game.  First off all it is the best baseball field I have ever seen! They had every type of food literally- BBQ, Sushi, Thai, Seafood and Chowder, Pasta, Pastries, and sooo much more.  I ate soo much- polish sausage, half a philly cheese steak, french fries, soda, cotton candy, dips ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries, and beer! It was ridiculous.  It was a great game against the Texas Rangers and the Blue Angel Pilots threw out the first ball.  The Seafair is huge in Seattle so to see the pilots up close was pretty nice.  It was a great way to spend a warm summer night! 


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