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I loovvveee animals and decided to go to the zoo while in Hawaii.  The last time I visited a zoo was San Diego Zoo 4 years ago. It was a Saturday afternoon in the summer so of course it was beyond crowded. This time I went on a weekday and the zoo was pretty empty making for the perfect visit.   

I walked up to the giraffe exhibit and all giraffes were standing together at the back their area.  I am standing alone in the viewing area and giraffe looks straight at me and walks to right in front of me.  It was pretty amazing, the giraffe just stood there as I took pictures.  As a crowd drew he walked away.

I was wondering why the zebra's white stripes didn't look too white.  Then they started rolling around like dogs and the answer became pretty clear.

One of the best parts of the Honolulu Zoo is that it is across the street form the Waikiki Beach and has views of Diamond Head throughout the zoo. 


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