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Quick Fix

  When I used to get new pair of Loubs it was a little conflicting. Grated I couldn't wait to wear them but I knew the second I stepped outside those pretty red soles will get scuffed.  So I decided to get zip soles.  Now not only will the bottoms stay completely red, they extend the life of the shoe, and it also adds a grip to keep you from busting your ass- so its a win, win ,win situation. 

If you're in the Seattle area I recommend Emerald City Shoe Repair. The Nordstrom Flagship Store and many others use them. They do really good work for an affordable price. 


  1. THANKS!! I only wear my Louboutins indoor because of this! LOL! XOXO

  2. I was drooling when I saw all the food pictures (desserts especially!) you posted! Haha, this happens to my shoes too! all the time! :)
    Oh & thank yu for your lovely comment :) Means a lot to me :D


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